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Blackboard - Automated Regrading Tests

Test questions and answers can be edited after a test has been submitted by some or all students and submitted for regrading to update the Grade Center.

Instructors can edit individual questions in Blackboard tests, even though some or all students have submitted their answers.  Start with editing the invalid question directly and all necessary updates will flow automatically to the Grade Center. For any given question, Blackboard allows instructors to drop, give full credit, change point value, or change the correct answer. After the question has been updated, Blackboard recalculates the score of all submitted assessments that included the updated question, reflects the updates in the Grade Center, and provides notification to both the instructor and optionally to the students for all submissions that were adjusted due to the changes.


Make Changes to a Test which has already been Given (multiple questions)

  • Go to the Grade Center
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the title of column title for the test and click on Edit Test. You can make changes to more than one question when accessing the title of the test at the top of the Grade Center column

Edit test image from Grade Center column

  • As an option, you can also click on the edit option next to the deployed test in a content area or in the Test, Surveys, and Pools area

Edit test image from Test, Survey, and Pools

  • After selecting edit, a message will show up with a notification message that the Test has at least one (or more) attempt in progress or completed attempts.

Attempts in progress/completed message

  • Scroll down to below the summary of the lists, which lists description, instructions, number of questions, total points and number of attempts
  • Note the buttons for
    • Delete and Regrade
    • Points ___ Update and Regrade
    • Hide Question Details

Full or Extra Credit for Single Question

  • Give Full Credit to all answers to all submissions for a single question,
  • Select Edit Test from the content area or Tests, Surveys and Pools
  • Click in the Points box to the right of the question title
Point value image
  • You can give Extra Credit or Full Credit by selecting the box and click Submit and Regrade
  • This is helpful if you find a question may not be what you wanted and students have questioned the answers after already taking the test
  • This can also be completed in the Grade Center by going to the test column and clicking on the right. dropdown list to Grade Questions
    • Find the question you would like to change and click on the numbers to the right (indicates the number of students who have answered this question)
    • In the Grade Responses page, click the Question Information link to expand and view the question
    • Scroll down and click on Give Full Credit

Give Full Credit image

  • After clicking on Give Full Credit a message pop up notifying you this is not permanent and can be reversed.

Message image to accept full credit

  • Click OK to confirm Giving Full Credit

Single & Multiple Question Editing

  • To change a correct answer in an individual question,
    • Check the box on the question and select edit question
    • Change the correct answer
    • Click the Submit and Update Attempts
  • ,To change points on one or several questions
    • Check the box on the questions
    • Enter the number of points in the Points __ Update and Regrade area
    • Click on the Update and Regrade
  • To throw out a question and regrade,
    • Check the box for the question
    • Click on the Delete and Regrade button

After completing all of your changes the Grade Center will reflect the new points processed for all regraded questions in the test.

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