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Voicemail - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding the new voicemail system IX Messaging.

When deleting the email notification for the voicemail you received:

  • If you delete your voicemail from your email inbox you will see the email in the deleted folder and it will no longer show up in any folder from the web portal.
  • If you delete your voicemail from the web portal the email will no longer show up in any email folder.
    • It will be in the deleted folder in the Messages tile from the web portal.
  • If you move the message in your email to a different email folder and then delete from the web portal the message stays in the email folder.
  • Note: we have not yet found a way to create a rule in email to move the voicemail message automatically to an email folder.

Is speech to text still (STT) available?

Yes, those who are currently set up with STT will continue to receive it.  But no longer with the email contain links to delete or mark as read.  If we were able to integrate your mailbox with campus Office 365 then when you open the email the message will be marked read in the voicemail box and if you delete the email the message will be deleted from the voicemail box as well.

Does the password used when logging in through the telephone work for the web as well?

No, it is a different password and it will prompt to reset the password.

Do you need a separate number to send a fax?

A separate number needs to be tied to the email.

Will fax be available to all users or just the ones that have it now?

Only the ones that have it now will get it initially, others will need to request it.

Will the web interface be available to all users?  If not, will other users be able to receive faxes?

Yes, they will be able to receive faxes but will not be able to send.

When you are recording a greeting, where do they turn it on and off?

They change it in the location menu.

What will a caller hear if the greeting is not set up yet?

They will get a default greeting with the phone number and the name assigned to it.

For Find Me, does it need to be a local number or can it be a long-distance number?

It can be a long-distance number. It's managed by locations. If you need to change the number to be reached you would change your location and set up a number for that location.

  • NOTE: when adding alternate numbers and on campus number will need to be entered in five-digit format: 12345 (no dash), and all off campus numbers need to be entered 91(area code)(seven digit number) regardless of local or long distance.

Will the passwords be included in the reference guide?

To log in using the web you would use your campus credentials (same as logging into your campus computer) or if you don’t have campus credentials you would log in with the five-digit extension and a default web password. 

What is the difference between ec500 and the find me method?

EC500 is managed in the phone system and needs to be requested and the find me is in the voicemail system and the user can set this up in the voicemail web portal.

Are we going to be charged as a long-distance call then when forwarding our calls to cell?

No, even though you enter it in the long-distance format using 9 1 area code and phone number, there will not be a long-distance charge.

When you say it will not charge to a LD call will you need to put an AUTH code in the system to dial to a LD number?

No, in the voicemail system only you will not be required to enter the authcode for dialing a long-distance number.

Will our auto-attendant mailboxes need to be initialized with new greetings like our personal voicemail boxes?

Yes, all voicemail boxes will need to have new greetings set up.

When we have new staff do we still need to request STT (speech to text)?

Yes, if you want the text translation in the email, it needs to be requested.

Can a fax be set up instead of the hard fax line in the office?

You can fax out from the number using the web link. There is still a monthly charge for the number and this will need to be requested using the on-line requisition form.

Does the fax work with the email?

Yes you would receive the fax in your email.  Offices should be aware that private information should not be faxed

Will the user need to initialize their voicemail box?

Yes, everyone’s voicemail will need to be set up as if they just received it for the first time. We recommend initializing from the telephone.

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