Using the SMART Panels in the Classroom

Below is a short tutorial on how to understand the SMART Podiums, and the SMART Ink software in the classrooms.

By default, the SMART Ink program should be open upon logging into a computer. The following Icon should be visible.
SMART Ink Icon
If you don’t have it, try drawing on the SMART podium with the pen. If it still won’t appear, try searching SMART Ink in the windows search bar. If you are not using the SMART INK feature, it may be easiest to close the program. To do so, just click and drag the icon off the screen. You are also able to click and drag the icon anywhere on the screen. This can come in handy if it’s in the way of something you are trying to draw. 
Windows Bar
Clicking on the icon will open up the menu. In the menu, you are able to change the drawing tool, color, and line style. The different tools are: Pen, Highlighter, Calligraphic Pen, Crayon, Creative Pen, Text Pen, and the Paint Brush. There are 4 default colors, but clicking the color icon next to them will allow you to define your own color. Line styles can change from solid line, to a dashed line. You can also change the width and opacity of the markings. 
Navigating around the wheel, there is also a toolbox icon, and a star icon. The star icon is where you can define and access your favorite functions. This allows you to quickly find and select tools you use frequently. The toolbox icon has several different features. They include the ability to zoom in and create a spotlight on the screen. 
The functionality of the pen tool can be a bit tricky to get used to. The first thing to note is that outside of its own software, it really only integrates well with Microsoft Office products. For everything else, the pen will just place markings over the screen that will not scroll with the page. However, navigating to a new link will cause any annotations made on that website to disappear. 
Inside Microsoft however, the markings become a part of that file or document. By default, this only works in editing mode. For example, to be able to draw on a PowerPoint that is in Presentation mode, you will need to enable the SMART Ink plug-in for PowerPoint. To do so, just click the settings gear, and navigate to the Plug-ins tab. 

In order to completely erase the annotations you’ve made, there are two main methods. One method is to click directly on any marking you’ve made. In the top right-hand corner, select the drop-down icon. Then select the option that says select all. Then select the option in that same menu that says delete. Alternatively. As soon as you draw any marking on the screen, a small icon that looks similar to the menu icon will appear on the edge of the screen. Click on that, then select the button that says clear. 

If you have any further questions, contact NDSU’s IT department, or you can look for a solution on SMART Ink’s own help page: SMART Ink Help Page

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