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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session - Create and View Attendance

This document will explain how to create a Blackboard Collaborate session and how it will take and populate attendance automatically for you in blackboard. As well as how to view the attendance

Creating Attendance

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session
Creating Session

Attendance automatically (automatic attendance and records it in the Blackboard grade center)
1. In your Blackboard course, go to Tools and click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and select “Create Session” and give it a name and check any settings you need.
Guest Access and role for a guest lecturer (this will bypass Bb authentication and guest will log into collaborate room directly.
Start and end dates and time ** (NOTE: Do not choose No end date for Attendance).
blackboard collaborate session settings
2. Next move to the Purple Cog Wheel tab, the Session Settings and chose the settings you desire.
bb colaborate session settings

NOTE: if you are going to allow students to download your recordings, select this setting now!

A new addition is the “Profanity filter” option at the bottom.
3. Attendance is the last icon, let Bb Collaborate automatically take attendance and record it in the grade center for you!
bb collabarate attendace settings for LMS


The most important setting is “Share attendance information with LMS
bb collaborate attendance setting for LMS


*A tip about the setting, Required time in a session, I set mine for 75% to allow for students who may enter in and out due to connection issues (remember in the session reports you can verify how many times a student did re-enter your class).

 bb collaborate attendance settings

When finished hit “Create”
bb collaborate sessions date range


NOTE: If you do not see your session, click the session range drop down arrow.
Attendance Note: Go to the Course Control Panel, Course Tools to find Bb Collaborate Attendance.


Viewing Attendance

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions Reports – Attendance reports how to view
You must create Blackboard Collaborate sessions to show attendance in the reporting and in the Blackboard grade-center. The detailed report shows a breakdown of all the users that joined the session and what time they entered and exited.
Log into Blackboard Collaborate and change to “Show all Previous Sessions” or pick a date range to view.

Filtering Bb Collaborate Ultra's Sessions to Previous

To review sessions for a particular date

Image of where to click to view the report of that meeting

You may need to adjust the time frame from show recent reports to show report in a range.

Image of adjusting the range of the report

Adjust the range to find the report you want.
You can see how many participants joined, session duration, average time in session and at the far left a detailed report.

Image of what the report looks like

The detailed report shows a breakdown of all the users that joined the session and what time they entered and exited.

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