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pointsolutions, part of Echo360 (Known as Turning Point) Software

Below will show you how to use pointsolutions

This document will show you how to keep your class focused and engaged during the HyFlex Method whether that be face-to-face (F2F), online, or not in a live capacity due to sports or sickness. This first part will discuss how to use pointsolutions for the live class (teaching live in front of F2F student and online students).  For the online students, video capture software is needed to have the students watch the live stream, this can be accomplished by using programs such as Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or Zoom. Information for these programs can be found on the NDSU ITS webpage, this document will just discuss the pointsolutions aspect of this hybrid learning.

First, you will need to go to any Blackboard course you instruct, go to Tools, pointsolutions Account Registration-NDSU, this will prompt you to sign in with your @NDSU email. Once you have done that you should see a list of all your active classes (shown below), if you don’t see the course click on the NDUS Blackboard tab along the top and click add on the course you wish to add.  Note that the courses that you have an instructor role will show up, if one of your courses doesn’t show up Submit a ticket at the Help Desk. When your course shows up click on the select button.

Selection button

You will then be directed to your content page for that specific course (see below), this is one of six tabs.  This tab and the attendance tab are the most important tabs to make sure to capture students answers and attendance, first I will discuss the content tab and how to make question lists and presentations for your class.  The image below shows a few example content lists, new ones can be made by clicking the create content button and giving it a name.


Once you click create content you will be brought into that content list, you can then click create and start to populate your questions or slides.
content list

There are a few different types of questions that can be added, the first is multiple choice, the question can be added in the text box field and the answers can be inserted with a slider on if the answer is correct. Note that if there are no answers marked as correct and you have to add points then everyone will gain points no matter what their answers are.  There are other options along the right side that can enhance your questions like giving it a point value or allowing multiple current answers.
Example question

The next type of question is the short answer response, this allows you enter the question the same as the last question type, except the answers are a little different.  You enter the answer and press the enter key on your keyboard to save it as a correct short answer response, if you leave it blank there will be no correct answer.  Also, you can enforce capitalization for precise answers.
short answer

The third option for the questions is a numeric response, this is just like short answer except the students answer with a number.  A unique thing as well is being able to give a range of numbers that will be marked as correct.
numeric response

The final question type is the hotspot question, this allows you to upload an image and allows the students to select an object in the image and you as the instructor can upload an image and place orange boxes around the correct answers(look at North Dakota on the map for example), also more than one box is allowed.

There are also two other content types that can be added, the first one is text, this creates a textbox slide that allows you to type whatever information you would like to give.  The other one allows you to upload a PowerPoint, this is the recommended way of creating your slideshow and Turning will convert it into text slides.  Note that questions can be entered between each slide to allow you to customize everything, also slides can be dragged to change the order based on user preferences (see below). 

change position of questions

Once you have the content organized with all your slides and questions you will go to the class and sign back into pointsolutions and go to the content list you wish to present and click start, you will then share the session id with the students and they will be able to follow along on their device and answer the questions. Note that for pointsolutions to work students must use their electronic devices, clicker will not work.

Another major tab is the attendance tab, this is used to quickly and effectively take attendance with a click of a button. All you do is click open attendance and the students will be notified on their electronic device to check in, the student should just need to click on that, and they will be counted as present.  After a minute or so you can click the close attendance button to close the attendance.  There is also a location-based attendance feature, but it is important to know that the students need to be in that radius in order to participate so for a hybrid and pure online class this function needs to be turned off, but for a pure F2F class this feature can be used.

Attendance Window 

To quickly review the other tabs, roster allows you to see who is automatically enrolled in your course and gives check marks to indicate their account status, checks next to the subscription and account are vital, if students don’t have this have them contact the IT Help desk to get the issue resolved.  The check mark next to the clicker id is only if the student owns a clicker and is less important.

The schedule tab allows you to view all scheduled content sessions you have done.  You can edit existing sessions, end session or view current or past session results.

The results tab allows you to view all your students results either by student or by session. This is also where you can manually change a student’s pointsolutions score if needed, but we prefer the points changed in the Blackboard grade center.

Finally, is the settings tab, this allows you to change a few settings that will allow a student to view their grades for a session or review a session. There is a short description under each settings option to explain what which option you would like, if not both.

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