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Blackboard - Instructor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions and answers are listed in this Blackboard Instructors FAQ article. We continue to update as we find additional questions and answers.

The following is a listing of Blackboard frequently asked questions (FAQs), by instructors, that we have received over the past year. We have answers answers and reference to knowledge base articles for more information. The questions have been organized into several groupings, which can be clicked on to jump down to the section for viewing.

Activating My Course(s)

  1. How do I activate my course in Blackboard Manager so I can see it in Blackboard? 
  2. I do not see my course in the Blackboard Manager list. What should I do?

Finding My Course(s)

  1. Why don't I see all of the courses I am teaching?
    • You must first activate your courses in Blackboard (BB) Manager for you to see them in Blackboard Blackboard Manager
  2. My course(s) is not listed in Blackboard Manager. How can I get added as the instructor of the course?
    • Are you listed as the course instructor in Campus Connection? If no, contact your department to get added as instructor.
    • If you are listed as the instructor in Campus Connection, submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk
  3.  If you have activated a course in Blackboard Manager and you still don't see it on your Courses page, you may need to use Filters or Search on the Courses page.

    Copy and/or Merge Courses

    1. Can I copy content from a previous semester into my current course?
    2. How do I merge several sections of a course together so I just have to post information once?

    Course Availability

    1. How do I make my course available for students to see?
      • Open the course in Blackboard > look for a small, padlock icon in the top, almost, right corner. If the padlock is closed, the course is Unavailable to students > click the padlock icon to make the course Available to students.
      • Another option is to scroll down the left side menu to Customization > Properties > Set Aavailability > Make Course Available > Yes > Submit, at bottom of page

    Grade Center Common Questions

    1. Why is my Blackboard grade Total column off, is there a Hidden Column?
      • There may be column(s) hidden from instructor view in the Grade Center, but still factoring into the total column. Go to Grade Center > Manage > Column Organization and check to make sure there are no hidden columns.
        • Look for grayed-out columns (hidden) that have points assigned to them. 
        • Un-hide those columns and delete them if not needed.
        • Note: If the column is a Blackboard assignment or exam that is deployed in a course content area you must delete the assignment or exam to delete the column in the Grade Center.
      • Another way hidden columns cause problems is if the instructor hides a column from the students. Then the instructor still sees the column in the Grade Center, but the students do not. If the points count towards the Total, the number of points don't make sense for the students.
    2. What is a Running Total?
      • During the semester, setting the Total column as a Running Total works well because empty grade cells are not treated as zeroes, i.e. students are not penalized for future assignments. But at the end of the semester, empty grade cells are usually considered zeroes.
      • For final grades, edit the Total column settings to set the running total option to No. This saves you the time of entering zeros into all the empty grade cells.  
    3. How do I add Extra Credit assignments in Grade Center?
      • Extra credit assignments should be set to zero Points Possible.
      • The Total column's possible points won't be affected, but any extra credit points awarded will increase the student's total points.
      • Select Edit Column Information to change the Points Possible to zero.

    Grade Schemas

    1. Can I change the default setting for grading based on scores for A-F?
      • Yes, you can create a customized Grade Schema for your course defining the ranges of scores that produce letter grades A - F.
      • In your Grade Center, choose Manage, then click Grading Schemas and choose Create Grading Schema.
      • Click on the action arrows to the right of Letter to edit the grade schema scores.
      • For more information go to Blackboard Grading Schemas.

    Smart Views in Grade Center

    1. How can I create a Smart View in the Grade Center to view sections of my merged course?
    2. Can I create a quick link to view my Smart Views?
      • Yes, when creating the Smart Views, check Add to Favorites and it will be displayed in the Grade Center left menu


    1. Can I add questions once a test is available and some or all students have submitted responses?
      • Once a test has been taken by students
        • you CANNOT add more questions, change the number of questions in a question set or change a random block of questions in the test.
        • you CAN correct the wording in a test, errors in assigning right and wrong answers, delete a question which contained errors. 
      • If you change answers and/or possible points Blackboard will regrade all completed student attempts.
    2. Can I change points for questions if a test has already been taken?

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