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IT provides centralized telephone services for NDSU employees and departments.


NDSU has one of the largest voice systems in the state of North Dakota. It has a robust set of business features and is built on an enterprise survivable framework with duplicated local, long distance, and toll free carrier facilities.  It is a life safety system with industry-recognized emergency features including crisis alerting for outgoing 911 calls, emergency/elevator telephones, panic alarm buttons, and call record accounting.

Help, consultation, training

IT Help Desk

Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Using this solution


24/7/365 [*Standard outages]


Contact your Telephone Administrator. Find them at: Telephone - Administrator Resources and Admin List


  • iOS or Android for mobile 
  • Windows 10 or current Mac OS for Softphone

Getting Started

Service requests

Best Practices

It is recommended that when transferring a call you use the "warm transfer method". This method allows the transfer party and the transferring to party to get meaningful information about the call before actually making the transfer. 
It is good practice to change your voicemail greeting when you are away from the office for an extended period of time, such as vacation, etc.

Learn More/How To's

Q: What do I do when my phone is logged out and not allowing calls or displays "For emergency calls only"?
A: Contact the NDSU Helpdesk at 1-8685 for assistance.
Q: Do I automatically get a Softphone app when I get telephone service?
A: No, it must be requested through your telephone administrator. 
Q: What is an auth code?
A: A seven digit number provided to each person in order to make long distance calls.
Q: What is the SAC button?
A: The SAC button is Send All Calls, when pressed your calls will go to the next point of coverage.  In most cases it is your voicemail.

Use Cases

In addition to traditional voice service in offices, voice can be delivered to mobile devices, computers and to devices located off campus. 

Universal Design/Accessibility

Headsets for hearing impaired, visual indicator lights, TTY instruments and TTY services for visually impaired are available for request. 

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