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Voice Mail - Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are frequently asked questions about Voice Mail services at NDSU.

General Questions and Feature-Related

How do I listen to voice mail messages?

Can use the web portal or dial 1-9100 to access the Avaya Aura Messaging system 

How long will my messages be saved in Aura Messaging? 

They will be saved via the telephone user interface for 45 days. Notifications with attached voice message files do not have a fixed retention time (function the same as any other email message) 

Do I need to set up Microsoft Outlook to receive voice mail in my email inbox? 

No - an alternative is to set up the Notify Me feature which will also send voice mail to your email account. To do this, access the Web Portal at – click the Notify Me tab, enter your email address, and check the INCLUDE MESSAGE box 

What Mailbox and Messaging Password do I use for the Avaya Aura Messaging web portal

For the web portal use the same mailbox and password you use to log into the telephone user interface of Aura Messaging by dialing 1-9100 

Is it possible for more than one person to share a voice mailbox? 

Yes - you can have one telephone number and each person could have their own voice mailbox. A total of three additional mailboxes can be associated with one extension. When a caller connects to a voice mailbox configured this way they will hear a greeting similar to "To leave a message for Jane Doe, press 1. To leave a message for Ralph Xavier, press 2."  Please advise your telephone administrator if you you are interested in this feature 

Questions Regarding Problems 

When I listen to voice mail messages on my computer the message waiting light on my telephone stays on. And if I delete a voice mail message in my email inbox that message is still there when I dial into Avaya Aura Messaging.  How do I get my message waiting light to turn off? 

You will need to manage these by dialing into the Avaya Aura Messaging System (1-9100).  The message that is sent to your email is a copy of the original message and there is only one-way communication from Aura Messaging to email.  To turn off the message waiting light on your telephone, listen to all of your messages by dialing into Aura Messaging.  To permanently delete messages, also dial into Aura Messaging and delete them from this interface 

When logging into the web portal, I receive the error, “Unable to locate information for 1-0000. Please try again.” How do I resolve this? 

The web portal does not recognize the dash (-) in the extension field.  When logging in, enter your extension without the dash and you should then be able to access the web portal 

Why do I not see some or all of my voice mail messages in my email inbox, but when I dial into Aura Messaging all of my new messages are there? 

  1. Have you set up the Notify Me feature via the Avaya Aura Messaging web portal
  2. Confirm that the email address that is configured in the Avaya Aura Messaging web portal Notify Me / Email field is accurate 
  3. There is an Outlook Junk folder and occasionally Notify Me emails end up here. The Help Desk has a support page that can provide you information on the Outlook Junk folder 
  4. It may also be that the NDSU Outlook service is blocking the email. If this is the case you will receive a spam quarantine email from Microsoft that lists the emails that it has filtered as spam. It will also include instructions on how to retrieve emails in the list 

In setting up the Notify Me feature, what format is necessary to enter my cell phone number? 

10-digit format (area code+7-digit number with no dashes) 

How do I find the complete voice mail menu if I cannot remember what number to press to change my greeting? 

For user preferences press 4 or dial into the Aura Messaging system, enter your password, then press “0” for a list options

Some new voice mail messages no longer say the extension of the caller that left the message. How do I get this information?

  • Press 5 after you have listened to the message. The off campus number that called or the name of the on campus extension will be read back to you 
  • To return a call to the number that left a message, press 88 immediately after you have listened to the message

When I select an extended absence greeting, those wanting to leave a message cannot. Can this be changed? 

No - when extended absence is turned on, the system does not allow messages to be left by callers.  If you want to allow messages to be added when you are away, use the multiple greetings feature

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