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Blackboard Learn Original - Create Smart Views to Filter the Grade Center

Below are instructions on how to create custom Smart Views to filter the Grade Center in any Blackboard Learn Original course.

Smart Views can be used to filter the Grade Center for both individual courses (sections not combined using the Parent/Child relationship) or merged (Parent/Child) courses. 

Five different types of Smart Views can be created in the Grade Center:
  • Course Group: display different groups of students - groups must first be created in the course (Users and Groups | Groups)
  • Performance: filter student rows based on performance on a single grade column
  • User: filter by individual students
  • Category and Status: display rows and/or columns based on your categories, user or users, and grade status
  • Custom: create a query for selecting students using a combination of custom criteria 

See Customize the Grade Center Interface - Smart Views for more information.

Create Smart Views in Parent/Child Courses to Filter by Section:

To make grading in merged courses easier, filter the Grade Center display using Smart Views!
  1. Open the Full Grade Center and make note of the different values listed in the Child Course Id column (they will be similar to NDSU1-2330-BIOL101-XXXXX with the correct term, catalog number, and class numbers)
  2. Highlight Manage and choose Smart Views
  3. Click Create Smart View
  4. Give the Smart View a descriptive name that identifies which section this Smart View displays (i.e. 12345 or Section 1, etc.)
  5. Add as Favorite - add a check-mark
  6. For Type of View - Select Custom
  7. For Select Criteria | User Criteria: select "Child Course ID' | "Equal to" | enter one of the Child Course IDs you noted in step 1 as the Value
    Note: If you want to use only the class # rather than the full child course ID to filter each section, select "Contains" | enter only the 4-5 digit class number as the Value

  8. Set Filter Results to "All Columns"
  9. Click Submit to finish
  10. Repeat Steps 2 - 9 to create a Smart View for each course section

Use a Smart View to Filter the Grade Center

Once you've created a Smart View, you need to "turn it on" in the Grade Center:

  1. Click Grade Center below Control Panel on the left
  2. Click on the Smart View name - only that section's students will display in the Grade Center
  3. Click Full Grade Center to display all students again 

-- OR -- 

  1. Open the full Grade Center
  2. Click the Filter button
  3. Click Filter
  4. Click the name of the Smart View you want to use
  5. Select Full Grade Center (Default) to display all students again

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