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Optical Mark Reader (OMR) - The Student Sheets

Students MUST use only #2 lead pencils (a pen will NOT work) and fill in their answer sheets as follows – instructors should provide instructions to students before the exam.

The NAME grid: (begin in the first grid square on the left in the top-left corner of Side 1)

  • Print their name -- fill in the corresponding bubbles below each letter


  • Enter their Student ID (the EmplID) - align the number so it ends in column "J" -- fill in the corresponding bubbles below each letter
  • The Student ID number MUST be their Student ID (not a number assigned by the instructor) if the scores will be imported into the Blackboard Grade Center from the generated output text file
  • This number is as important as their name since student scores on the printouts are located with this number

The ANSWERS area (the numbered questions):

  • For each question - fill in the corresponding circle below the letter of their answer choice
  • Mark only 1 answer per question, unless the question uses one of the combination options (the "AND" or "OR" options)
  • Erase all changed answer marks completely to avoid incorrect question scoring
  • Do not FOLD, STAPLE, PUNCH HOLES IN, or TEAR TEST SHEETS as they may not feed through or be read properly by the scanner
  • Do not RANDOMLY MARK THE SHEETS with lead or ink that has any carbon content as this may also cause the scanner to read the sheets improperly
Sheets not read properly by the scanner will be placed across the other sheets when returned but they will not be scored.
The STUDENT sheets must be placed at the bottom of the stack of sheets submitted for each scan run.

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