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Respondus LockDown Browser - Student Troubleshooting

This overview provides some troubleshooting tips for students and instructors using Respondus LockDown Browser for exams.

Note: To avoid getting “kicked out” of a test before you’ve finished, DO NOT use a wireless Internet connection – connect via an Ethernet (hard-wired) connection if at all possible before starting the test!

Issues and Solutions


Issue: You're prompted to enter a password, but your instructor says there's no password required or did not provide a password. You’ll see this message

LockDown Browser password error message

Solution: Make sure you're not using a different browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to log into Blackboard – if the test name says “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” you must open Respondus LockDown Browser to log in to Blackboard and take the test.

Issue: Your instructor provided a password that looks something like this - 0cfb94490c716b - but it doesn’t work in the Password prompt.

Solution: Contact your instructor – this is a Respondus-generated internal password only instructors see, but it cannot be used to launch the test! They need to change the test settings in the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard before any students will be able to take the test.

Error Messages

Issue: You see “There is a problem with the LockDown Browser settings for this test.” or Error: Problem with Test Options for this test.”
Solution: Contact your instructor. They need to change the test settings in the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard before any students will be able to take the test.

Issue: You see “This program can only be launched from a link in another browser” – you may have both the NDSU provided Respondus LockDown Browser and ALEKS LockDown Browser installed on the same computer, OR you may have downloaded/installed Respondus LockDown Browser from a non-NDUS source.

Solution 1: If you see “OEM” in the error message: close the browser and open the Respondus LockDown Browser icon or app launcher without OEM” in the name and try again.

Solution 2: If you installed Respondus LockDown Browser from a non-NDUS source, uninstall it and reinstall it from this NDUS specific link:

Issue: You see “Failed to load page. Error code -21, -101”, another error code or no error code, and the test ‘freezes” or you get “kicked out” after starting the test. This was most likely caused by intermittent or temporary problems with your Internet connection. This can happen frequently with wireless Internet connections but can also happen with hard-wired connections.

Solution: If only 1 attempt is allowed for this test contact your instructor to request another attempt. If more than 1 attempt is allowed click the test link again to start a new attempt or restart the first attempt if allowed.
Note: Use a different computer and/or Internet connection to take the test again, if at all possible!

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