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Recording YuJa Video for a Blackboard Learn Original Course

Instructions for students to create YuJa recordings for Blackboard Learn Original Assignments and/or Discussion Board posts.

Users will log into YuJa through Blackboard Learn Original and use their NDSU Identifier username (first.last), and password.

Installing YuJa Software Capture Application

  1. Select "Tools" > scroll to the bottom of the page > select "YuJa - NDSU"
  2. Select "Create Recording" at the top of the YuJa Media Library page
  3. Click the"First time user? Download and install" link.
  4. Step through the installation processes shown.

To learn more about downloading the YuJa Software Captures Application watch this short on-demand video - Getting Started with YuJa - Installing YuJa Software Capture (3:54).

Start Recording a Video

  1. Select Create Recording at the top of the YuJa Media Library page.
  2. From the dropdown menu select Record from your Windows PC or Mac, then click Start.
  3. Enter a Title and Description.
  4. Set/test your video, audio, and screen preferences in the configuration menu on the left side of the Software Capture preview page.
  5. Confirm the settings in the preview window and check the audio indicator to make sure the microphone is working.
  6. Click “Start” to begin recording.

To learn more about recording a YuJa video watch this short on-demand video - Getting Started with YuJa - Recording Your Video (6:50).

Submitting YuJa Video for Grading:

To learn more about submitting a Yuja video for grading watch this short on-demand video - Submitting YuJa Video for Grading (1:18).

After you have recorded the video, do the following steps:
  1. Open your Blackboard Learn Original course.
  2. Select the Assignment. 
  3. Select Write Submission in the Assignment submission panel.

    click on create an assignment

  4. Select "More" (three dots) in the right corner of the text editor toolbar to expand the toolbar. From the expanded toolbar select "Add Content button (⊕ circled plus)".
    Showing More button to expand and clicking on circled plus button

  5. Scroll down and select Yuja Media Chooser -  NDSU from the list of available tools
  6. Select the video(s) from the list for your assignment, then click Insert Content. 

    Insert content from yuja

  7. Once the video is inserted, click Submit

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